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3D Generalist/Character Artists & Programmers

Posted: October 13, 2018
Lost Biscuit Inc is looking for 3D Generalist/Character Artists & Programmers

Starting Date: 10/10/2018, duration - Until Product Completion

Job details: What're we Looking for exactly?

We're looking for 3D artists and Programmers to work on our Game titled "Will Of The Forest" (description below)
Artists who feel their art needs improving are welcome as we can train you as you go, all we ask is you're able to accept and acknowledge constructive criticism.
Programmers however will need to be self reliant or have a firm grasp on Blueprints in Unreal Engine as currently we have nobody with the time to aid those less experienced.

What is the game/project?

Will Of The Forest is a RPG game set in a mystical jungle. You the legendary beast master must capture, raise and merge your own beasts to create the ultimate fighting power and save your village from a mysterious evil lurking deep in the forest.

This game is heavily inspired by the classic PS1 title Jade Cocoon. A small team and myself have been working on this for awhile now and feel the need to expand our work force in order to complete it.
We have a patron with enough funding to get the game itself going but need volunteers to work on a royalty basis (contract will be included upon entry to project)

We're very passionate about this project and hope to find like minded people to aid in our work. However all we ask is that you be open to critique and attempt to share our vision.

How will I work with you?

We do not require you to be in any particular location as we work together on discord. Currently we don't maintain arranged meetings but if the project gets to a point where more group co-ordination is needed we may arrange this.

What can we offer you?
Besides royalties (based on game earnings) we can offer experience and critique; a real chance to better your skills and add to your CV. Work you produce may be displayed on a portfolio provided it is first cleared with one of the lead designers.
For 3D and Concept artists, further guidance can be given to better your skills.
So join our growing community and help us build a fantastic new adventure together.

Any other questions don't be afraid to get in touch! (My email is JakeThomasWatts@gmail.com

Requirements: As previously stated 3D artists can be of any skill level however you'll need a basic knowledge of a 3D software (3Ds Max preferred as this is what we can help teach you with).
Programming experience compatible with Unreal Engine, for questions surrounding this you may be refereed to one of our lead Programmers.

Location: Anywhere

Contact info:
email - jakethomaswatts@gmail.com
web site - https://www.facebook.com/JadeCocoonInspiredGame/
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