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Product Illustration

Posted: September 25, 2018
I've been tasked with teaching 4-5 people in my department to do product rendering. The work would be very repetitive and the most technically complicated image needed would be a poly bag full of candy with some of the candy visible through a window in the bag. Until now I've done all of them with Lightwave which I have no intention of using in this way due to the steep learning curve and declining popularity of the software. So my question is what software do I buy? The considerations are:

1) Ease of learning (for me as well as them)
2) Ease of use

3) Industry popularity

4) Rendering time

5) Cost for 4-5 users

We will NOT be animating these, so issues with video export, rigging, etc. Don't matter. High-res (product rendered actual size at 300dpi) still images only.