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Demo Film Scene - Modelers And Animators Needed

Posted: July 13, 2018
If you can model realistic characters/landscapes and have some knowledge of animating in Blender I really would love to have you!

What is ‘Gates of Hell’?
It’s a project that started in September 2017, with the goal of making a small film scene from the script sample I made in my A-level film class.

What have you accomplished?
Finished the script and created a storyboard

When do you meet?
Myself and my artist team normally have our own Twitter Group Chat, so, if you wish to become a modeler/animator then please PM me with your Twitter handle so I can add you. Mine is @Remember_us_ Meetings will aim to be every Sunday at 8PM (BST)

What spots are open?
• Modelers – realistic and detailed models need to made from the concept art
• Animators – fluid and realistic animations need to be created
• Please put in effort and make it your best

How do I join?
It’s easy! Just send me an email at [url=mailto:rebecca-barrett@virginmedia.com]rebecca-barrett@virginmedia.com[/url] or leave a private message but be sure to include your email and twitter handle!

Some of the concept art: (Concept art will be added will be added as it comes in)

BOPxRnQU.jpg QNEhvg21.jpg