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3D animator needed for 5 min. char. animation

Posted: July 01, 2018
Salary: $200 payment

Studio William Erhard Winter is looking for 3D animator needed for 5 min. char. animation

Starting Date: Immediately

Job details: I'm looking for a 3D animator to use an environment I've made in blender along with an .obj figure of mickey mouse and animate him.

I will need the figure to mimic the exact movements of an actual adult dancer in a video I will provide.

All files will be provided to you, you just need to rig the figure, animate the dance, and match the camera angles correctly to the provided video.

You may need to rotoscope to make him behave identically to the video but that's going to be up to you.

The camera angle will also need to be adjusted to match the video's camera angle exactly.

The final animated short will be roughly 5 mins. long and is part of an art piece to be shown in a gallery.

The video I will provide of the dancer for the figure's movements is adult content and you must be 18 or older/consent to working with adult content.

The final animated film will be humorous in nature, not adult content.

I will pay $200 for the completed project.

Requirements: Must be able to:

1. Rig characters in Blender

2. Animate characters at a highly professional level in Blender

3. Rotoscoping in Blender

4. Must be 18 or older as materials for rotoscoping involve adult dancer to be rotoscoped for animated Mickey Mouse character

Location: Berlin, Germany

Contact info:
email - contact@williamerhardwinter.com
web site - www.williamerhardwinter.com
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