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I Am Looking For Someone To Create A Rig For An Anime Style

Posted: January 29, 2018
Lizzie Jo Stevenson
Hello. I am looking for someone who would be willing to help me create a very accurate rig for an anime style female human character.

The character has been created already, and the head and face are already completely rigged, and simply would need to be connected to the new rig.

I need someone to create and accurate rig for the characters body. The rig would need to contain joints for individual fingers, toes, hair, backside, and breasts.

The goal is to make a realistic character model, that will be used in a classroom setting to teach others of not only anatomy, but how to deform it into an anime and manga style.

The mesh is quite a mess at the moment, but all that is absolutely required is the rig. The project is set to extend beyond this one simple rig, and if anyone is interested, I could further explain, and perhaps there could be further profit down the line.

Here are samples of the character...





Thank you so much to anyone who can help with this. I can model characters (at a beginners level), but rigging them is something I do ot have the talent for. Your work would be greatly apprecieated, and if you are willing to join my project afterwards, I would be glad to become partners.

—Lizzie Jo