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2METERS TALL Carboard, Laser etched, plastered Hydrodipped F

Posted: October 02, 2017
Tripitipi is looking for 2METERS TALL Carboard, Laser etched, plastered Hydrodipped Face

Starting Date: Now

Job details: Morphy 3D Artist !

I`m going for Dutch Design Week with a 2METERS TALL laser etched and plastered dinamic cardboard sculpture face of a girl inhaling smoke trough the nose with a smoke machine on the mouth.

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:33503 - The model for change


🍀 I`m inviting You to collab and do a quick reajusting on the mouth so It opens slightly and stays more sexy and to close the eyelids letting it open slightly like closed relaxed eyelids.

You get a part when I sell the sculpture to a coffeshop.


(optional) help me frame the model (~like in the pics) with some tasty dreamy IndianGodess/psychedelic flyer/Futuristic-Female-comic frame fusion, close her eyes and decide with me the color scheme for the hydro dipping.

It`s for a huge sculpture wallmount(back of the head would be cut), it has to look really Stylish and psychedelic (not fusforescent) , I will sell the sculpture after and you would get a part. We can sell it as Art.

Msg me for details ... I just ❄️ .


Requirements: 3D Modelling knowledge

Location: Worldwide

Contact info:
email - astralhicker@gmail.com
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