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Charachter modeler (rigging and animating would be a bonus)

Posted: September 21, 2017
Sophie's Games is looking for Charachter modeler (rigging and animating would be a bonus)

Starting Date: ASAP, duration - 3 months

Job details: Web based Isometric RPG (think mini Baldur's Gate)

TLDR; Created a mini prototype game with cubes instead of art. Primarily looking for an artist (although others are welcome to get in touch) to complete the demo and post it online. If feedback is good, we can look at commercial potential and crowd funding.
The idea
Baldur's gate with a focus on story that puts you through thought provoking quest lines.

The demo starts of with you as a little girl/boy on a farm built on an oasis in the middle of a dessert with no one else around except the player/child, the father and the hermit. A single rocky spire shoots into the sky and collects moisture causing a waterfall and small river that meanders around the farm creating a sort of island where you start.

The first five minutes will have a Zelda like, light hearted fantasy theme about a boy on his adventures of chasing rabbits, getting past aggressive, nesting geese and playing with a dog.

Things will quickly turn dark as a drunken father comes out and for reasons not quite made clear, beats the child into unconsciousness. The local hermit who lives on the spire will come out to watch and is noticed by the player/kid just as darkness swallows the vision.

The child will then awake at nigh to find himself in bed after a dream about taking vengeance on his father and stabbing him in his sleep. The player will find the knife is just where it was in the dream and must decide whether to murder the father.

Either way this will be the end of the demo.

Art: We need it all, models, textures, animations, UI and more. If more than one artist looks good, we will try split the work so that everyone gets to do what they want.
You will be expected to know or learn how to add it to unity where applicable.

Who i am
1. BA Hons in Game Design and Production Management
2. Worked for an education games company for a year
3. Worked as a commercial programmer in for a CAD package for four years
4. Currently teach game development in Unity at a college

Requirements: We need a unisex child or a girl and boy model, father, hermit, dog, rabbit and goose model. At some point we will also need this animated.

Location: Anywhere

Contact info:
email - douglas@sophiesgames.com
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