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Assembling a small team concept artist and 3D modeller (unpa

Posted: March 10, 2017
Insentio is looking for Assembling a small team concept artist and 3D modeller (unpaid)

Starting Date: Direct, duration - Till finish project

Job details: Hi everybody,

First of all thank you for reading my post. Smile

I have for many years a dream to start a own studio and to build up alot of inspiration with people. After 2 years practicing with unity/blender/coding. I have decided to assembly a team who would also love to develope themselfs and together build a project. See below what this project is about and who are welcome to come.

What is the project about?
The project will be based on a first person shooter, roleplaying game. It will be focussed on that you are part of a resistance. There is also wish to make it also playable for coop. So you can play together with several friends, futher details will be discussed in private. Ofcourse there is alot of room for own idea’s and development through the project.

Who is welcome in the team?
You have certain skills, but you want to develope and work on a hopefully fun project together with me and another team mate. We are currently looking for the following roles. If you have any interest and you are willing to spent time in this project please response below.
– Concept design / Photoshop artist
– 3D Modelling / Rigging / Animating

What will happend if the game makes profit?
If the project becomes succesfull and will generate profit, than a part will be reserved for the studio and a part will be shared under the team. Everybody get there shared based on their input which should be hopefully reasonable.

How to apply?
Now the most importent question, how can you apply! I would like to know the information below, all information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anymore.

– Your name.
– Country where you live.
– What you can do.
– How many years expierence you have (sending a portfolio would be lovely)
– What your interest for this project is.

Please sent a mail to info@insentio.com and hopefully we speak each other soon!!

Kind regards,


Requirements: Everybody with a basic knowledge of 3D modelling, people with more knowledge or having the style we need for the project, will have a higher chance to get taken for this project.

Location: Anywere

Contact info:
email - info@insentio.com
fax - -
phone - -
address - -
web site - -
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