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Maya Animation TD job

Posted: October 31, 2016
Rising Sun Pictures is looking for Maya Animation TD

Starting Date: 01/11/2016, duration - These are a long-term position with an i

Job details: Rising Sun Pictures is currently seeking an established Maya Animation Technical Director to join our animation team for a number of highly anticipated feature films.

Employment periods: Immediate start through to late 2017.
Location: Adelaide, Australia. This position is open to Australian and international applicants. Visa and relocation assistance provided where applicable.

Position Overview

As an Animation TD you will be responsible for building & maintaining show & facility tools and setting workflows work for riggers and animators. In this role you will be focused on providing riggers and animators with fast, intuitive tools that allow the team to concentrate on making artistic decisions rather than technical ones. As a team player, you are available to help riggers and animators overcome technical problems that may be impeding their progress.

Successful candidates will have high level understanding of character and creature rigging, for hero animation, motion capture based animation, and secondary animation such as muscle, skin, and fur dynamics. You take tools and knowledge developed for a specific show or character, and turn them into general purpose tools that can be used in many situations. You can also take tools that have been prototyped by artists and repurpose them into robust production-ready tools that have been stress tested. You have a broad interest and understanding of the VFX pipeline, and how data and information flows through production.


Create intuitive facility tools and workflows for riggers & animators.
Assist in solving technical problems within the animation team.
Work closely with other Layout, Modellers and Animators to hit delivery targets.
Demonstrate progress through the regular submission of work in progress and daily updates.
Clearly communicate with production any delays or obstacles that may impact task delivery.
Provide thorough QA and sanity checks of rigs before they reach your internal client.


To apply, please go to our jobs page: https://rsp.com.au/maya-animation-td/

You can communicate with us regarding this position by sending an email with your resume, reel and breakdown, to employment@rsp.com.au with the words "Maya Animation Technical Director” in the subject line. Please state your availability and country of passport so we can assess your right to work in Australia and visa options.

Requirements: Required Skills and Experience

Minimum 4+ years of relevant rig & character experience across high-end feature film.
Expert Maya user and are familiar with other CG applications such as Motionbuilder, 3dEqualizer, Houdini, Nuke, Mari and Photoshop.
Confident with programming tools such as compilers, debuggers, and version control systems.
Strong experience with one or more programming languages such as Python, C++, and Mel.
Strong experience using unix based operating systems such as Linux and OS X.
Maintain a calm and professional demeanour in a deadline focused work environment.
Technical and creative problem solving with a service oriented mindset.
Visual Effects, Fine Art, Computer Science, Physics or Mathematics or related tertiary qualification may be required for international applicants.

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Contact info:
email - employment@rsp.com.au
web site - https://rsp.com.au/jobs/
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