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Several 3D Modeling Positions

Posted: July 07, 2016
Helheim Games Studio LLC is looking for Several 3D Modeling Positions

Starting Date: 06/19/2016, duration - n/a

Job details: Helheim Games Studio LLC has begun assembling a team to develop a proof-of-concept demo for an apocalyptic, sci-fi, action rpg called "Ashes of Earth: Iron-Angel".
The project is currently in the administrative phase. We are building the team that will work on this, assigning each team member to the respective positions, getting the project tracker setup with all relevant tasks.
We are aiming to kickoff development within the next 3 weeks.

What we are looking for:
3D modelers - Characters
3D modelers - Environment and character assets
Model and Animation - 45 second cinematic, and opening game scene

The team so far:
Project Director / Game Designer: Mason M.
Art Director: Tyjree J.
Administrative Director: Ashley M.
Assistant Game Designer: Kyle M.
Finance/Investment Consultant: R.
Writers: Spike B, Adam F.
Concept Artist: Matt T.
Level Designer: Adam F.


Q. What is a proof-of-concept demo?
A. The proof-of-concept demo gives a playable demonstration of the game. This will show off the overall look and feel of the game, the general mechanics and features, and introduction to the story line. Basically it will consist of one level, some enemies, a handful of NPCs, the character, and some items.
This demo will be used for the purpose of securing investors for funding to fully develop the game.

Q. Video game projects are not simple or quick. Why is this unpaid?
A. Video game development is no easy task. This portion of the development is unpaid because there is no money to be had from it. We are looking for people interested in getting their foot in the door for the game development industry. The team who builds the concept will ideally be part of the people involved in the full development if/when funding is secured.

Q. What do you expect from the modelers/animators?
A. We expect honesty about the quality of your work, and about how long it takes to model out the assigned items. Our time-table will be structured around how much time the modelers, animators, and programmers need.
Nobody is getting paid for this portion, so in that regards we are not expecting someone to work on this 40hrs per week. That would asinine. But what we do expect is if you tell us you can produce 2 models a week, that what we would come to anticipate.

E-mail: mason@helheimgames.com OR contact@helheimgames.com
You can also use the contact page on our website, or message us through facebook.

We are aware that not all of the necessary information is in this post. If you have any questions about the project, please do not hesitate to ask, all of us at HGS believe in open lines of communication.

Requirements: Pending position.

General skills:
-3D Modeling
-Model skinning
-Can work in a team
-At least strong conversational in English
-Extreme attention to details

Location: Structuring team for distance/online

Contact info:
email - mason@helheimgames.com
address - Helheim Games Studio LLC P.O. Box 1410 Mount Sterling, KY 40353
web site - https://helheimgames.com
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