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High-Quality 3D Assets Modeler

Posted: May 17, 2015
Project Order 66 is looking for High-Quality 3D Assets Modeler

Starting Date: 5/15/2015, duration - Unknown

We are in the process of starting an unofficial sequel to Star Wars Republic Commando. Project Order 66 is in its infancy, but a website is up and assets are beginning to come in.

Assets are needed for skeletal and character meshes, static meshes such as weapons and objects, and environment assets.

Whenever your time is available, we will accept work as long as we need it.

Unofficial, non-commercial sequel to Star Wars Republic Commando Video Game.

Contact us at projectorder66@gmail.com

Requirements: *Must be competent in 3D Modeling in programs such as 3DS Max and Maya.
*Must be willing to work with others, maintain contact and self-manage.
*Must be competent in applying and creating textures.
*Must be 16yrs or older

Location: Work From Home

Contact info:
email - projectorder66@gmail.com
phone - 805-235-6776
web site - projectorder66.wordpress.com
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