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Character Modeling For Production

Posted: April 19, 2015
Hello Ladies, and men.

I am not at all experienced in 3D modeling, I am an artist and am in need of a 3D model of my toy to send out to the manufacturing company I am working with. They are able to take a clay sculpture of it, but I am thinking it would save all the trouble and small issues and just put together a digital portfolio of what I need done. One of these pieces, obviously a 3D rendering from my sketches.

1) Would somebody like to tackle this task and work with me (I will take on the young guns trying to make a name, I would be one of them in my field.)

2) Are there recommendations for cheap monthly paid software/free software that is fairly easy to use. (I use a lot of graphic design software and autoCAD, I am somewhat familiar on what to expect)

Anyway, just looking to get this ball rolling.

#1 RULE! this will be for a limited edition art piece, I would prefer all files be destroyed upon completion, and this not be put in your portfolio. We can discuss though.