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Studio X Needs You

Posted: October 01, 2014
Studio X is recruiting
  1. 3d ModellersAnimators

Studio X is a team that puts each other’s needs first. That being said, even part time help is appreciated. We will not force you to put our team before your other lives. The catch is, this is a non-profit team. We make the game for our amusement, your amusement, and the player’s amusement.

What are you developing?

We have a dream. A dream to revive the rpg 3d SCI-FI game for pc or a Pokémon open world game.
Do you pay?

Sadly, as a non-profit team, what profit will we have to pay out? If the joy of working in a team and reliving your childhood game isn’t enough, I’m afraid you are on the wrong thread.

If I was interested in applying, what should I do?

To apply all you need to do is message the team leader.

Email Id:[url=mailto:thegamekid8@gmail.com]thegamekid8@gmail.com[/url]

or register at our forum


Some things we’d like you to include to help us get to know you:

· What role are you applying for?

· How often do you think you will be able to assist?

· Will this be the only team you will be working for?

. Tell us about yourself. Any details are welcome.