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3D Environment Artist job

Posted: September 13, 2014
Glass Egg Digital Media is looking for 3D Environment Artist

Job details: - You will design 3D environment for projects at Glass Egg
- You will work with Art Director, Technical Manager and other artists in 3D outsourcing projects
- You will have chances to be promoted to Art Director, Technical
- You will have chances to visit our clients’ Studio in the US, UK, …

Requirements: - Strong background in 3Dsmax or Maya
- Strong background in Photoshop
- At least 3 years’ experience in modeling, texturing objects, cars, characters, environment
- Have great sense of Artistic in Games is a plus
- Passion in 3D games is a plus
- Ability to work independently and work in multiple team
- Ability to work under high pressure
- Strong knowledge in Zbrush is a plus
- Good English communication skill is a plus

Location: 17th Floor - REE Tower, 9 Doan Van Bo Street, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Contact info:
email - recruitment@glassegg.com
phone - 0839431380
web site - www.glassegg.com
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