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freealnce 3D asimastors 3d model job

Posted: August 22, 2014
Salary: 100$ is 1000$

angeltits is looking for freealnce 3D asimastors 3d model

Starting Date: 0/09/2014, duration - 10/01/2014

Job details: Hello,

paid work

I'm working on a adult animation movie. I'm a freelance grapic illustratrator and 2d animator.

I'm looking for someone to make a 3D model and a 3D animation, I'll privide the storyboard and the examples.

the 3d artist need to be able to modelize sexy women and animate them

Every person interested will need to:
- Contact me bia email
- Take a test on 3D character modelisation

You will be paid via PayPal.

The price will vary depending on the animation, it will be discussed with the 3d animator.

After we are set on a price the total payment will be made, or on a per scene basis.
For the short movie it will be half firt and and half when it's done.

(email: blimgarie@yahoo.fr.)

Requirements: 2d/3D animation +model
all logiciel 3D

Location: france

Contact info:
email - grosbille13@hotmail.com
address - 36 rie de toulon 13008 larseille
web site - http://angeltits.esy.es/index.html
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