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Layout & Camera Supervisor [Layout, Camera Tracking & Matchm job

Posted: June 19, 2014
Salary: Commensurate with experience and in line with internal budget

Rising Sun Pictures [RSP] is looking for Layout & Camera Supervisor [Layout, Camera Tracking & Matchmove]

Starting Date: 15/6/2014, duration - 11+ Months

Job details: Layout & Camera Supervisor [Layout, Camera Tracking & Matchmove] – Rising Sun Pictures
Employment period:  June 2014 to May 2015.
Location: RSP Adelaide, Australia.
International Applicants?: This position is open to Australian and international applicants.
Rising Sun Pictures [RSP] has recently delivered highly regarded sequences for films such as X-Men: Days of Future Past, The Wolverine and Gravity.  We are pleased to have been selected as a trusted vendor on a number of additional high profile feature films in 2014/15.
We are currently seeking an established Layout & Camera Supervisor to join our supervisory and leadership team.  This is an excellent opportunity to develop a strong connection with a professional team of visual effects artisans.
Reporting directly to Show Supervisors, the Layout & Camera Supervisor will create, monitor, direct and influence wide-ranging aspects of high-end digital effects layout, tracking and matchmoving.  Strong applicants will possess an uncompromising passion for excellence and attention to detail.  As a manager and leader, you provide direct, consistent and regular feedback to your team, encouraging, developing and mentoring at every level.
You are a forward thinking professional who can anticipate problems while prototyping and implementing solutions.  Your success comes from engaging all areas of production, communicating clearly through asset & shot evolution.  Your departmental solutions improve overall efficiency at a show and facility level.
You possess a deep understanding of physical camera attributes and the spatial relationship between large number of physical and digital assets.  Your experience covers the creation and augmentation of complex digital camera moves, through to layout, tracking & matchmoving.
• Create, manage, support and supervise key aspects of the layout & camera pipeline in the following areas:
On set camera tracking, survey, data acquisition [including LIDAR]
Environment and scene layout and animation
Digital camera creation and augmentation / Wholly digital camera realisation [Mono / Stereo]
Mono & stereo camera tracking
Organic matchmoves requiring rigging, modelling and animation.
• Through post visualisation and layout, fully block scenes to supervisor and client requirements.
• Deliver Digi Double match moves for full CG augmentation.
• Solve complex technical issues, prototyping for team roll-out as necessary.
• Reproduce exact virtual camera data.
• Work with riggers to articulate matchmove & asset requirements.
• Work closely with team leads and supervisors to determine downstream delivery requirements.
• Working with the production management team, create technical solutions to ensure deadlines are met in accordance of resource parameters.
• In collaboration with the pipeline group, drive and prioritise requirements for pipeline development and work flow enhancement.
• Provide clear briefs and daily feedback to your team.
• Run team dailies and set one-on-one meetings.
• Review and QA team’s work ahead of internal and external delivery, ensuring it meets creative and technical notes.  Immediately address ineffective delivery.
• Actively mentor and develop all team members under your supervision.
• Collaborate with 3rd party VFX vendors as required to package or receive shared assets.
• Promote a collaborative and enjoyable workplace influencing morale, discussion and work ethic.

• Minimum 7 years senior Camera department experience, including at least 5 years in artistic and technical director positions such as tracker, matchmover, previsualisation and layout.
• Solid experience in the use of LIDAR data, Maya cameras, and the Maya workspace.
• Expert user of production ready software including 3DEqualizer, PFTrack, and SynthEyes; in a Linux system environment.
• Working knowledge of Nuke advantageous.
• Ability to quickly identify plate features suitable for tracking.
• Natural problem solving and lateral thinking skills.
• Complete understanding of lens calibration, camera orientation & projection, focal length and lens distortion.
• Physical world understanding of photography, lenses, proportion, depth, scale, and physical space.
• Excellent communication skills.
• Technical and creative problem solving with a can-do mindset.
• Computer Science, Physics or Mathematics or related tertiary qualification preferable for overseas applicants where required by Australian Immigration.

To apply, please email your resume, reel and breakdown to employment@rsp.com.au with the words "Layout & Camera Supervisor" in the subject line.  Please state your availability and country of passport so we can assess your right to work in Australia and consider visa options if applicable.
All applications will initially receive an automatic reply.  Those closely matching this job description will be contacted for further information.

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Contact info:
email - employment@rsp.com.au
address - Level 1, 180 Pulteney Street, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
web site - http://www.rsp.com.au/recruitment/recruitment-jobs.htm
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