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3D modeler/Concept Artist

Posted: May 24, 2014
LBP is looking for 3D modeler/Concept Artist

Starting Date: July 1st 2014, duration - As long as you are willing to work

Job details: LBP needs people with 3D Modeling skills or Concept Art skills. We are a new company forming Game Developing team for horror game making to turn it to something more terrifying to play.

Requirements: You need to know how to make houses, skyscrapers, tools, furniture, cars, trash cans, light poles, and other stuff you can find in cities.
You do not have to know everything listed above, for example,you can work if you only know how to make 3D models of furniture or cars or both. This applies to everything else listed above.

Location: You can work online

Contact info:
email - dariokolic96@hotmail.com
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