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Freelance 3D Animator

Posted: November 21, 2013
n/a is looking for Freelance 3D Animator

Job details: I have an idea for an automated transportation system that would replace the automobileÖ

Iím looking for a volunteer to create key CGI movies...

2:44 - 2:56 - railroad movie - replace with vehicle moving down street. same perspective
3:28 - 3:33 - replace still with movie
3:44 - 3:51 - home depot - need movie of people debarking & embarking at some public place
4:24 - 4:25 - replace inset still with movie
5:19 - 5:26 - construction - need special crane vehicle unloading rail segments from carrier vehicle
5:26 - 5:31 - replace still with movie

Vehicle model: http://prtproject.com/PRT.zip

Itís an opportunity to showcase talent. And even if Iím wrong about the future, it stands to reason that the ideal transportation system would make our world a more beautiful place. And that the work would still have value.

Gary Stark

Location: n/a

Contact info:
email - garydstark@gmail.com
web site - prtproject.com
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