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Senior Match Move Artist [Stereo] job

Posted: November 14, 2013
Salary: Commensurate with experience and in line with internal budget

Rising Sun Pictures is looking for Senior Match Move Artist [Stereo]

Starting Date: 18 November 2013, duration - Jan / Feb 2014

RSP is seeking a professional Match Mover with extensive live-action, stereo experience. Applicants should be fully competent working with multiple disciplines in a feature film pipeline.

In this role you will be required to accurately match move organic and hard surface physical objects. Your precise work will be fundamental in ensuring photo real geometry and effects can be seamlessly integrated into live action stereo plates.

The ideal candidate will possess a passion for uncompromising excellence in the areas of attention to detail, forward thinking, time management and clear communication. You know you are the right candidate because peers will marvel at your ability to solve the seemingly impossible.

A deep understanding of physical camera attributes and the spatial relationship between a large number of assets will underpin your success. Completing stereo camera tracks and working with LIDAR and other on set data will also be required.

• Create accurate match moves that meet creative & technical shot briefs while maintaining strict on time delivery.
• Deliver work to the show’s Art Director, Asset & Shot Supervisors.
• Demonstrate match moving progress through the regular submission of work in progress and daily updates.
• Create accurate camera solves in a stereo pipeline.
• Reproduce exact virtual camera data.
• Complete modeling, rigging & animation tasks as required to achieve match moving objectives.
• Work with riggers to define the exact needs of the match move rig.
• Clearly communicate with production any delays or obstacles that may impact your schedule.
• High Ability to deliver Digi Double match moves for full CG augmentation.
• Ensure shot layout, orientation and continuity line up with a scenes requirements.
• Adapt and make necessary changes to tracked data as the brief evolves.
• Supervise tracking and match mover artists where required.
• Provide sanity checks of match moves before they hit your internal client [downstream].

• Minimum 5-years stereo feature film experience using Maya & 3d Equalizer.
• Ability to quickly identify plate features suitable for tracking, adjusting points where necessary.
• Solid understanding of Maya cameras, and the Maya workspace.
• Complete understanding of lens calibration, camera orientation & projection, focal length and distortion.
• Demonstrated experience resolving tough match moves on actors.
• Experience with standard VFX software such as Nuke, PFTrack, SynthEyes and MatchMover a plus.
• Real world understanding of proportion, depth, scale, and physical space.
• Excellent communication skills.
• Technical and creative problem solving with a can-do mindset.

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Contact info:
email - employment@rsp.com.au
phone - +61 8 8400 6400
address - evel 1/180 pulteney street, adelaide SA 5000
web site - rsp.com.au
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