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Star Trek fan show

Posted: October 15, 2013
Kentucky Bourbon Productions is looking for Star Trek fan show

Starting Date: November 1, duration - 1 month

Job details: I am posting here to seek potential animators or for a Star Trek fan show that I will start producing soon. The show is going to be called "Wounded Warriors". It will be a series about the atrocities of war and will begin at the final battle of the Dominion War (stardate 52391). Each "season" will consist of 8-10 episodes. We'd develop some stock footage of the ship at warp and would likely have 2-3 custom shots per episode.

Being a fan show, this is all volunteer. I would love to "hire" a committed animator to help me through the whole show for continuity, but realistically, I know that most wouldn't be able to give that much time. Even one 3-second shot would be helpful. If you'd like to participate, please email me for more details. Let me know how much time you could give, and we'll go from there.


Requirements: 3d animation skills

Location: virtual

Contact info:
email - jonathan40351@yahoo.com
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