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Subdividing 3D surfaces according to certain rules

Posted: October 13, 2013
Hi all,

I'm new to 3D modelling, and wanted to ask you for some advice on which software to use before I start investing time in certain packages that will not help me.

I'm interested in surfaces of 3D objects, which I would like to segment into smaller surfaces (2D) that follow certain rules:

-The segments all have a prespecified size (rectangles of 4mm by 5mm, see attached), with some flexibility (rectangle can be trapezoid, fitting in a 4x5mm rectangle) to approximate the original surface as best as possible

-The segments are all connected to each other from the 4mm side

Although calculations can be easily done manually for simple objects such as spheres, complex 3D surfaces such as faces would require extensive computational work. Therefore, it is would be more feasible to do this in an automated fashion, but I have yet to find software which would be suitable for such analyses.

I have tried several surface mesh generation tools, but none have allowed for changing/adding rules.

Could you maybe point me in the right way? Please let me know if things are still unclear from my description above.

Posted: October 15, 2013
3d artist gallery Andyba
May be there are plugins that can do it...
If there are I am not aware of them. The best bet for you is writing your own script.
You can use blender because it's free. And write a script in python that will generate a surface based on your rules.