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Studios Opening Project Needs Help -Volunteering 3D Animator

Posted: August 23, 2013
Isenstadt Studio - A Start Up Video Game Company needs a 3D Animator with experience in Anatomy, Animation and Texturing to help the Start Up Company on their first Project. This is the Studios First Project and thus is not Funded by a financial institution. The project is fairly short and thus our primary concentration is on to fair detail. The Script has been written and Voice Actors have been recorded, It is Production Time.

The Animators Duties are In General:

- Model and Animate Characters
- Common Static models based on the environment.
- Drapes, Clothes, Flags (animated) for environmental detail.
- Mesh Demolition Effects. / Textured Plane demolitions.

The Project Completion grants credentials within Studio/ Project websites, Video Game Credits and other crew publications. You effort, time and quality of your models will earn a guaranteed position in the studios sponsored project.

Please Contact Through The Isenstadt Studio Beta Page. IsenstadtStudio.com