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Gaming Community needs a 3D Modeler and Animator

Posted: July 18, 2013
Feverclan.com is looking for Gaming Community needs a 3D Modeler and Animator

Starting Date: Immediately, duration - just the one job for now

Job details: We're looking to have a 3D Modeler and Animator create a item for the online game DotA 2, that would bear a likeness to our clan. The pay would not be substantial however we are willing to do a down-payment, however we can split profits from sales of said item should it be accepted into DotA 2 itself.

Requirements: Willing to think outside the box.

Otherwise, I'm looking for someone who doesn't expect a huge amount of pay in the beginning, however with sales you can make quite a bit. I realize this is somewhat volunteer work but I do have some cash I can throw around.

Location: Remote

Contact info:
email - joshua.mullenary@gmail.com
web site - www.feverclan.com I go by Booyah there
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