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Peterbilt 359 Truck Cab & Trailer Low Poly 3D Vehicle Mo

Posted: June 26, 2013
3d artist gallery nbimage
Hello 3DMD community. Just rendered a Peterbilt 359 truck cab & trailer. I used in a different project.

I separated the model with the intentions to develop into higher detailed renditions. I just added a simple bump for the sake of the render.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated as I'm working on the detailed model.

Peterbuilt 359 Low Poly Model.jpg
Posted: September 06, 2013
Are you using any references for this truck?
It seems that the front grid is too big/thick...
Posted: September 07, 2013
3d artist gallery nbimage
Yes I did, only a sketch unfortunately. The grill I found was cut into larger quarters and the inner grill was lots of thin vertical plates (hard too see from that distance). But now that you mention it, I think your right that they are a bit too thick. When I revisit this model I'll be sure to reign than back a bit. Thank you for your feedback!