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Pre rendering avatar body and shirt spritesheets separately

Posted: June 22, 2013

I want to give my users ability to create customizable avatars for my upcoming isometric board game. I am going to make a basic 3d model for my avatar and place 8 cameras and pre render its walking animation on a sprite sheet from 8 directions.

Now lets say i have designed a shirt on the body of this 3d model . Now the way customization is going to work in the game is that the shirt-only spritesheet will be overlayed on top of the 3d model sprite sheet so that the avatar will seem to walk with the shirt on.

Now my Q is, is it possible to prerender only the shirt on the sprite sheet of its own ?
If yes i think i will have to make the inner mesh for the shirt too(and any other accessory for the avatar for that matter) ? Is there a better way than this ?

Another question is the shirt casts a shadow on the persons body too. How do i preserve this shadow in the shirt-only sprite sheet ? so that when it is overlayed, it will cast a proper shadow on anything underneath it?

Also I am not an artist, any advice is much appreciated ! Smile
Posted: September 06, 2013
Just apply a mate material to the body and render the t-shirt together with the body.
Posted: September 07, 2013
3d artist gallery Andyba
What dTb wrote should work but you should make sure that the body is similar and has the same animations in all characters.
Here is a good tutorial on how to use matte shadow material.

Hope this helps.