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3D Maya modeler, rigger, animator Internship

Posted: June 16, 2013
We are looking for an intern for a minimum of 6 months. This can lead to a long term position where we are offering a 10% profit share post release as well as possible compensation pre-release.

We need a 3D modeler to rig and animate character models and create an occasional static model. Texturing is not necessary. Must use Maya. Great opportunity to build a portfolio and gain experience. We are seeking an intern but will offer profit share and other possible compensation for anyone with experience who wishes to sign on for a long term contract. If you stay long term there will be more work to do as time goes on.

We are Evil Bia Games and have been developing an online rpg for quite awhile now. Unfortunately we were forced to make an engine switch and lost several team members in the process. We are currently in the process of rebuilding in another engine and already have a large asset library so work assignments would be slow for the first several months but would pick up later once we have caught up to where our progress was in our previous engine.

We are using Cryengine 3. You will be required to read their documentation about the art pipeline and other model/rigging/skinning/animation instruction for export/import from Maya to Cryengine. Ability to follow instruction accurately is a must.

The game is called Hedron Online. Since I'm a new member here it will not let me post the link to our website but you can Google it or contact me for a link.

You will be required to sign an NDA before discussions begin.

Contact me via email: jen @ hedrononline (dot) com or Skype: sylana-merneih
Posted: June 22, 2013
Just a bit more info about what this internship offers. You will be rigging 3 different types of models in Maya and exporting them for Cryengine. We will teach you about game development: the process, art pipeline, how game engines and editors work, the art procedures and pipeline, about design documents, game design, and other behind the scenes stuff involved in game design. You will also learn your role as a modeler on a design team and how to work in a virtual environment. You may also be able to create an occasional static model in order to learn how they are incorporated into a game.

This could possibly lead to a profit share contract and possibly monetary compensation with a permanent position with the team, on contract. The decision will be a mutual one. Your work will not be used in the final game product but will be used as placard models in order to further teach you how to work with them in a game engine and development environment (such as interchangeable animations and skeletons) as well as game mechanics systems involving them.

We will be happy to fill out and file any paperwork you may have in order to receive credit for school and would be happy to serve a reference if your internship proves to be successful. You can retain rights to include your work in your portfolio as well.

Please do not use the private message system here for contact. I have not posted enough here to have access to PMs. Please reply via my email or reply to this thread with your contact info.