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ModelBox 3D: Give Your 2D Printer a Third Dimension!

Posted: May 25, 2013
I just launched a new product called ModelBox 3D on Kickstarter! It adds a third dimension to the standard inkjet or laser printer that you already have and gives a new life to your digital 2D and 3D art. Whether you use it to display your own artwork, to prototype a new product, or simply as a unique display piece, we will have a huge library online of all sorts of downloadable models ready-to-print from home and put into your Modelbox 3D. Artists will have the option to share their pieces with the growing ModelBox 3D community and further get their names out there!

Check us out and learn more at: http://kck.st/12bz9QJ

I'm a fellow artist and 3D modeler, I'd be happy to answer any of your questions here! Right now we're developing our software to take OBJ files, so any suggestions are very welcome!