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Looking for modelor to join the team

Posted: May 20, 2013
My name is Nigel Poole. I just recently moved to Sanford,Florida and going to school at AnimationMentor. I'm building a team of 3d artist to help with a site that I'm creating that is much like animationrigs (dot) com. Its a subscription service that will create rigs for animators to use that are compatible with Maya, 3d Max and Blender. I have 2 concept artist Mack Sutton also on Deviantart (dot) com, I animate and rig along with on other person and now I just need modeler to join the team. I can't pay anyone, however, once the subscription service starts we can split the profit. I would prefer if you live close to Orlando fl just so we can meet every now and again and so I can hangout with other artist but if not and you trust the deal I'm offering that's fine to. I will send your half of the profit probably via paypal or something. In joining the team you would also have a say so in what rigs you like to offer and gain credit on the site so your work will be notice. If you can texture that would great as well but at this point not needed. Please post examples of your work if your interested. I check this forum out frequently which is why I'm not leaving a email address but I will send it to those interested. cheers