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3D Modeler - Rigger - Animator

Posted: April 10, 2013
No Limit Games LLC is looking for 3D Modeler - Rigger - Animator

Starting Date: 4/12/13, duration - 8 months

Job details: Vengeance is the launch title for No Limit Games LLC (http://www.nolimitgamez.com)

What is Vengeance about?
Vengeance is a fighting game that honors and respects real world martial arts by staying as true to each discipline as possible. No projectiles, no magic powers, just pure combat.

Our current team is in need of the following skill sets:
2 3D Modelers (Hi poly / Lo poly)
3 Character Riggers
2 Animators
3 Texture Artists

We right now have 3 characters ready for rigging, 4 characters that need to be modeled.

The team has a group meeting every month and stay in constant communication throughout the month.

Those that are on the team will be compensated for their work post -launch, and will also share in the revenue.

Requirements: We require the following skill sets:

3D Character modeling
- Hi poly & Low poly
3D Animation
- Will be using a series of videos as animation reference
Character Rigging
Texture Artist

Location: Anaheim, Ca (home based)

Contact info:
email - william@nolimitgamez.com
phone - 714-926-2370
web site - http://www.nolimitgamez.com
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