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Steampunk MMORPG

Posted: April 04, 2013
Hello everyone,

I am the co-founder of JAZ inc. We are an indie game development company currently seeking modelers for our latest project, Sky Bridge. This project is an MMORPG based in the Steampunk genre. We are making great strides towards turning this idea into a reality. We have a great team of talented individuals from around the world working on this project. We will be launching this project on kickstarter in late spring or early summer. We need the help of talented 3d modelers to bring to life the amazing concepts our artists have ready. If interested in joining our team please contact me. There is the possibility of compensation for the right individuals. Thanks for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.

-Zachary G Siler
Project manager and
lead writer for JAZ inc.