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Do you have experience with Cinema 4D? (free work sought)

Posted: March 13, 2013
VH is looking for Do you have experience with Cinema 4D? (free work sought)

Job details: I have created a website about a castle where I was born and brought up and its totally non-commercial and just done as a hobby. I have been trying to create what the castle would have once looked like back in the 13th century and then add additional sections onto it as the centuries pass.

I did have someone create the basic shape for me using Cinema 4d but he lost interest after that so left stuck after that as I cannot fathom out the software plus my pc hardware not powerful enough.

You can see the video that was made from that creation so far at: http://www.hunterstoncastle.eu.org/13th/video.htm

The structure shape is near perfect although the wall heights will probably need extended on the main castle itself.

I have all the orig cinema 4d files so thats the main thing, but not sure if your familiar with that software or be willing to help me out free of charge? it will be good experience for you plus look good on your portfolio.

Let me know if your interested and I can provide more information.

Requirements: Experience with Cinema 4D

Location: Worldwide

Contact info:
email - webmail@virtualhunterston.eu.org
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