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Shroud's Burden - First Person Stealth

Posted: March 12, 2013
What is Shroud's Burden?

A first-person stealth action game, inspired by Thief : Deadly Shadows, being developed by 4 people.

How serious is the development?

Relatively low key. Progress thus far has been achieved within a month's time. Short term goal being complete an alpha version of the game - Without cut scenes, 2D Art. Long term goal having a polished product. Not looking to sell, but is a possibility depending on the quality of the finished project, determined by the people we have.

Why we are here.

We are looking for individuals with Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, and Animating abilities to help with this project.
Also 2D Artist/ Concept Artists
*Asset Creator (Environment, Props) - Character Modeler & Animator (Greatly Needed).

Requirements -

Hardworking - We are not on a schedule, but to be hardworking when not asked to is invaluable.

Passionate - Create models because you want to, because you love it.

Why Join?

Dedicated members that are active everyday because they want to.
Be part of a cool stealth action game. Help make it better.
Resume builder - Show off your work in this game for your resume.
Improve your abilities and be pushed to deliver what is demanded.
Learn to communicate with a team effectively.
*There are some of you out there that have been searching for a solid team, and I'm here to tell you, your prayers have been answered.*

Shroud's Burden - Story

William Shroud is the main character. The game is set in medieval England. He is a widowed father with a child. He works at a granary outside of town and lives a meager life. His son becomes deathly ill. He does not have nearly enough money to pay for the medicine to keep his son alive. Upon hard contemplation, he decides that he must steal. This story is about the struggle to do what you must for the ones you love.

Shroud's Burden - Mechanics
Dynamic Light Detection System
Dynamic Sound Detection System
Dynamic AI System

Contact at scottyscomputersolutions'at'gmail'dot'com
You can PM me, but I check my mail more often.