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3ds Max Tutorials for Beginners

Posted: February 22, 2013
Hi there and welcome to this fun, easy tutorial which is going to teach you a couple more things about Reactor. Here’s the scenario. Two cars are going to come speeding down a track, bumping into each other and off against the walls, jump over a ramp and then fall into a swimming pool. Follow the step by step instructions for more details.

Making a 3ds Max scene using Reactor Water and Reactor Cars

Posted: November 04, 2013
Nice tutorial.Thank you.
The cars are floating a little bit strange though. Smile
Posted: October 24, 2017
cool tutorial. I also found some freaky ones here: https://sariasan.com/3dsmax-tutorial/
Posted: January 06, 2018
3d artist gallery Ditakrol
everything is simple and accessibly! Thank you