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3D modeler WANTED!!

Posted: February 10, 2013
hi all, im new on here so sorry if i get anything wrong

im part of a community for a game called Galaxy of Combat, its a halo based MMOFPS and i would love to be part of the game but i dont hold any skills in software designing or modeling BUT i can draw to a certain extent, so this is why im here im hoping that with someones help on here we together can get some work in this game, these are the requirements of the person:

can model helmets, guns or even maps

you have spare time to do it casualy, so you will not get paid, and i cannot say the work will definatly be in the game but if it is then i will make sure we BOTH get credit for it!!

you do NOT leak any of the work until i say we can release it, the reason for this is because i had work before i did with someone and they leaked it and then some other game company that were making a small game stole the ideas and designs, so only when i say

so yeah if ur interested please email me at:
and please email me 3 pics of your work, how often you can work on it and your name of course Razz

thanks all and again sorry if i do anything wrong

oh and P.S, i probs wont be using the actual model just a picture of it, so a front view, side view and a back view and a top view Smile thanks