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Help in industrial design

Posted: February 06, 2013
Hi All,
Working as teatcher in industrial design in French high school, I proposed my teams to works on a GRABCAD challenge. You can see details at the challenge page of grabcad, choose 3D Printer.
The problem is that I can't help them for the "appealing industrial design" item...
So, here is the goal: I'm searching for an artist wich could furnish the look, as explain is these extracts of the challenge description:
"Your work will ultimately help set the design language for an entire brand of products"
" elegant in form"
"Aesthetically, the look captured needs to be unique and help define the brand. It needs to be compelling, and able to showcase a really cool, new technology effectively, without being brash or overstated. It needs to do this while also being approachable to the average consumer - all of the existing 3D printing designs we have seen from any company are inadequate in this regard. We recommend looking at Leica cameras and Apple products as good examples of appealing industrial design, but do come up with your own original concepts."

In the case of winning the challenge (don't dream, I will help them, but I'am not shure that will be enough), as teams are composed of 4 people, the artist is the 5th and will have 500$, the possible printer won should stay at the school.
You can contact me at: pacubivavafypoju@tempomail.fr
Thanks for help,
best regards