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looking for 3D animation adviser

Posted: January 23, 2013
hi everyone

I'm looking for someone who is professional in 3DAnimation and might help me out.

Currently, I'm writing a paper for my Diploma and beside sources from books and other
references, I also need someone who works with 3D and could be my adviser. (its a task for the diploma without adviser i can´t hand it out)
My topic is „Basic Anatomy and the physical mechanic for a realistic 3D Animation“

Could anyone/you help me out a little if there are some questions in the future?

These are the books I got:

Action Anatomy
Mechanic of Motion
The Art of 3D Computeranimation
How to Cheat in Maya

Right now I'm creating a Table of Content.
I'd be nice if anyone could suggest him- or herself / I'd be honored if you could be my future adviser.