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3D designer to partner with in new technology company.

Posted: January 19, 2013
Brenkon is looking for 3D designer to partner with in new technology company.

Job details: I currently am the sole owner and "employee" of my company "Brenkon". I have currently come up with a new theory of product which will target the tablet market. I have high expectations for this product as it is totally unique, yet most beautifully simple.

With this in mind I will require the candidate to be able to design 3D computer models both for advertisement and manufacture etc. As well with a passion for technology and invention as we venture on to new theory's of products.

The candidate will not receive a salary but shares in Brenkon. However i'm sure these shares will increase very highly in price as the product reaches the final stages of development.

Requirements: Candidate is recommended to have the following:

Sense of humor.
Passion for invention and technology.
Experience in 3D computer Design.
Speak Clear English.
Want to succeed.
Good grasp of business.

Location: Anywhere - work from home

Contact info:
email - tcl-1996@live.co.uk
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