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Blender 2.6+ 3d Modeling Tips

Posted: January 09, 2013
3d artist gallery Andyba
I am using blender from time to time.
Sometimes I don't use it for long periods of time and the periods are so big that I forget everything.

So here I will write various Blender tips just as a reminder, for faster 3d view navigation and modeling in Blender 2.6+

Viewport Navigation:
mouse middle mouse - rotate view
Press "alt" while rotating the view to snap to various orthogonal views (right, top, front etc.)

numpad . - Zoom Extents Selected (Frame Selection)
numpad 0 - switch between Camera and User views
numpad 7 - Top View
numpad 1 - Front View
numpad 3 - Right View
numpad 5 - toggle orthogonal / perspective views.
numpad arrows 4,6,8,2 - rotate the view
numpad + - zoom in
numpad - zoom out
Ctrl+ up arrow - Maximise View toggle.

Show/Hide Operations
numpad / - Isolate selection / Exit from isolate selection view.
H - hide selected
Shift + H - hide unselected
Alt + H Reveal All

Tab - enter/exit Edit mode.
ctrl+Tab - menu to change vertex/edge/face selection mode.
ALT+M - Merge Vertices aka Weld Vertices or Collapse Edges
A - Select Deselect ALL
Posted: February 20, 2013
3d artist gallery lyndon
hi Andyba,
I thought i'd add some Blender shortcuts to your list Smile

the transform tools are
g for grab/move/translate
r for rotate
s for scale
Posted: April 28, 2013
3d artist gallery Andyba
The most important Blender Tip I learned today:
You can Right Click a menu item and add a shortcut!!! Smile
It's amazing how easy it is. Before I was doing it the hard way through the User Preferences.

Now adding the shortcuts to Vertex, Edge and Polygon selection modes to 1,2,3 is a breeze, and it does not overwrite the layer selection shortcuts.
To do it in "Edit Mode" click Ctrl+Tab then right click on Vertex and press 1.

Now Blender became really useful for me!!! Smile
Here is where I learned it from: