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Help needed, somekinda bug 3d model plane

Posted: December 12, 2012
Please help me, im just a newbie on 3dmax when i got this;..

Im making a Gundam Head when I saved it and exit then load, i saw this deformity... the object which is made on a plane got deformed and got straight like it is like the vertices got align on a grid or something it affected the whole object (helmet) I cant seem to finish this.. i dunno if i did something but i think theres non only its bug are those made using Plane tool Please help.. this is my Final Project for my class Crying or Very sad

Picture: the right green is the side portion of the helmet) the middle one is the finish helmet and it became deformed. The right side is the combined one and refinished one and still affected by it

Posted: November 04, 2013
Did you try removing the mirror modifier?
It looks like some kind of bug in 3ds max.