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Organic structural modeling?

Posted: December 09, 2012
There is a specific type of structure I would like to learn how to model. Search "Janne Kyttänen macedonia tray" on Google Images to see what I'm thinking of... (I'm a new member to 3dmd, so I am unable to post a web link or image just yet) Confused

I want to be able to model this type of form quickly, easily and efficiently, while still having flexibility in being able to move the intersections of the structure around afterwards. I also plan on 3D printing the form afterwards.

I've been doing some research, and it seems that I should probably start with either Rhino + T-splines, or Maya. What do you guys think?

I am familiar with Solidworks, Sketchup, and a little bit of Maya and Rhino.

I would prefer using Sketchup, and I know there are poly modeling plugins for it, but I have not messed around with them as of yet.

Any pointers, or help in the right direction in the form of tutorials and such would be greatly appreciated!

Very Happy