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will do 3d modelling for people who need it

Posted: December 02, 2012
Hi there my name is Nikolai, I do 3d modelling, level creation, and basically any form of game creation. i do not do people or animals...I will do anything in between. example: vehicles, props, barrels, roads, books, etc you know all the things that give your game a nice realistic look. i do it for a small price or for whatever is good for you. I'm not picky about it....i take payment through pay-pal and nothing else. so if you want some 3d models made for your game and you don't have the time i can do them for you...you don't have to pay me right away first i will send you some renders of what the object looks like then you can decide if you still want it. if you do you pay me and i wait for the payment to clear then i email you the model files ex: textures, model, materials, normals, specular, and bump maps if needed.

Thank you: Nikolai from Zick 3d design Very Happy i have included some of my work below. I hope you like them

fire hydrant.jpg engine.jpg gmc sierra rendered with proper textures.jpg