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One of my first models. Assault Rifle: MT-50

Posted: November 23, 2012
Still in progress, this is one of my first models and I am still learning alot...
My teacher said it's very good to get feedback, so I joined this awesome forum and wanted to show you my model.

I work with Maya.

topsideside.jpeg top.jpeg sidetop.jpeg
Posted: December 02, 2012
that looks great...it'll look even better with textures and materials!!! keep up the great work.
Posted: December 06, 2012
Thanks! I really appreciate your feedback!, and the texturing is going a bit slow now at the moment cause I am currently working on models for an RTS game Smile
Posted: December 14, 2012
Wow thats really cool Smile Tell me what they think about my model Razz
Posted: December 30, 2012
Cool, it's a only mesh? or a multi part - assembly?.
Posted: January 13, 2013
3d-designer wrote:
Cool, it's a only mesh? or a multi part - assembly?.
it's multi part, cause I am going to be making other attatchments and that stuff Wink like other scopes and grip and that. Smile