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3D artist/animator is looking for projects

Posted: November 18, 2012
I am(Alex Klimenko) a 3d artist and animator with over 5 years expeience and
I'm looking for freelance gamedev or other related to 3d industry projects.

Devoted to 3d art and industrious. Familiar with extreme pipelines, overtimes, dealine squeeze and other periodical essentials Smile

My 3D modeling experience:
- lowpoly game modeling for different platforms;
- highpoly modeling for video production;
- highpoly modeling for 3d printing;
- NURBS modeling and texturing;
- sculpting;
Texturing experience:
- advanced UV unwrapping;
- Diffuse, Specualr, Normal and others map production;
- Painting over the model, environment backing into the texture;
Setup and animation:
- rigging with standart bones, biped, CAT, TSM and others;
- efficient skinning;
- advanced character setup for video production;
- animation for games;
- cartoon and realistic animation for video production;

Will be glad to reply your questions and requests(alr.klimenko(at)gmail(dot)com)
Please check several examples from different fields below.

Jewelry.jpg RapidPrototyping.jpg cartoon.jpg
Posted: November 18, 2012
two more images from my portfolio

Gamedev01.jpg Plants01.jpg