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Serenity Wars

Posted: November 05, 2012
My name is makenzie and I am seeking volunteers to work with me on a project that will bring a new mostly original type of game to the gaming world. All in all from what I have heard from people about the exlpanation of my game Serenity Wars it has been called brilliant. The idea itself that is. Currently I am looking for people who are willing to help me with this project for free but will be paid the first year we make profit and a strong of bonus's for waiting and helping out. I am looking for concept artists,Environmental artists,3D modelers,Environmental 3D modelers, Etc. basically you got a skill let me know and I will let you know if I can use it. I have enclosed a minor simple sketch of one of the aliens and the games logo I had proffesionally made by one of my friends and will enclose more true concept art later on this week. I have many connections to get this done including Microsoft,Sony,Full sail university, Etc/ Now a little about the game. The basic concept of this game is it is an RTS turn based game like tribal wars, grepolis, lords of ultima, etc with a FPS and TPS(Third person shooter) view and feel. Basically you walk around your city and build up your buildings and army and you can go into battle with another player with custom made troops and your avatar character and the battle is similiar to a battlefield 3 or COD battle. You can also use vehicles and mounts in the battles and in game. There is a solo campaign and version of the game for offline players and players who want to get use to the game before playing online. The offline mode allows you to play a campaign similar to online but with a story line and more controlled version. There is also a skirmish mode with 2-4 players and even a challenge mode for small mission like battles for you to get use to combat and mission scenarios in the game.The offline version is free and you can earn awards and even points that you can use to unlock things on the online version or use against your friends on the skirmish maps offline. The online mode will have a set monthly fee mostly because it is a downloadable online game and it also will help pay for future expansions. This game will be platformed for the Xbox360,PC, and possibly the mac and PS3.A new race or two will also be introduced with each new expansion. The object of this game is to conquer all the races in the galaxy through the help of your faction. Once this happens the game will go into a sort of chaos or bonus mode where you will fight an AI that has been growing over time or even the testers themselves! If you beat them then you gain some pretty good prizes and awards that will show you as a recognized player and will set you apart from everyone else. You will also get prizes and an award for just wining the game by taking out the races even if you fail to beat the AI race. However you will get better prizes beating the AI race. The reason I am so confident in this project is because I have the means and connections to get it done I just need the people. I have around 50 other volunteers however they are mostly programmers, storywriters, testers, and other sorts of jobs. I do not have that many concept artists or any 3D modelers. That is why I came here to ask for help and volunteers. Like I said you will be paid in the end based on work quality, waiting, and other things. The other bonuses and benefits you can recieve are an Employee SerenityWars and ErebusKore Gaming T- Shirt,hat,and you will get the game and all of its future expansions for free. You also get to play the game for free without playing a monthly fee and you have the option to test the future expansions before they come out. I will most likely put other benefits up later on but for now thats it. I hope you all enjoyed Serenity Wars's main concept and will consider working with me to bring about this great concept. Thank you all for your time.

-Makenzie McRae
Posted: November 07, 2012
I model in 3ds max
Im looking to gain experience and enhance my cv,
I would be able to create 3d environments, but would like to hear more about the types you'd like ?

Thanks Lance
Posted: November 13, 2012
I model in Maya, mostly objects but I am learning character modelling. I would love to add to my portfolio. Send me a PM (if you can) and I'll send you my contact information if you're interested.