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Looking for 3d Artist to work on Halo machinima project

Posted: October 28, 2012
Okay so here I go, hi I'm Jake Holden/Jakie99 and I'm working on an rarther huge halo machinima project and I'm looking for a skilled 3d artist so here's the guideline oh yeah also you can sumbit yourself as a group or solo

1. to have the abilitly to understand characters and story.

2. to have the abilitly to do fight scenes and story scenes.

3. to be polite and nice, you do this I'll treat you equal respect : D

4. to be creative often I'll set out a scene in the script but your more than welcome to add your own creative input.

5. to have a good knowledge about Halo's universe.

6. to be able to render in 1080p ( hey gotta make it look nice).

7. if you are intrested you have to send me an link or an video of your fully finshed work.

Okay now if your intrested just send post your e-mail in the comment section unfortantley this website dosnt let new users post thier e-mails (stupid) I have to warn you though this will be a big undertaking I aplogise about not giving enough infomation but the story is rarther huge and I can't type all down here, I'll send you the overall storylines direction and episode one's script if your intrested, thank you for taking your time to at least take a peek at this.