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Insight on 3ds Max or Revit...

Posted: October 16, 2012
Hi there all, I just joined and am excited to get some advice and be inspired! If I could get some insight into 3ds Max I would be much appreciative. I work for a commericial interior design company as a designer and I also produce the 3-D images for presentations.

I render in revit currently nad they look nice, but I know that the output can look a look better using 3ds Max. I just have a hard time understanding the program, I've watched many tutorials but it's a little difficult on my own.


If I generate a revit model, can I then import it into 3ds max?
Do users of 3ds Max model in 3ds Max or import? Whats best?
Or, revit users, any suggestions to enhancing revit image quality?

I attached a small project to view, I don't have sunlight on in this one and please IGNORE THE FIRE INTENSITY, IT'S INCORRECT. This was completed only in Revit. Thoughts on all my questions above and helpful/solution driven feedback on the rendering is much appreciated.

Thank you very much!!!

Posted: November 16, 2012
Sure, If you export it as a.fbx file than you can most certainly import it in 3ds Max. A lot of Revit users do this to take advantage of the rendering power that commercial render farms use. Like us, Render Rocket, we can render your .fbx via 3ds Max Standard, but can not render it as a .rvt file.

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