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Need a mummy model

Posted: October 10, 2012

My daughter needs to make a real life sized egyptian mummy for a school project. Neither of us are sculpting artists so I thought I might be able to take a mummy STL file and slice it into layers, print the images, and use as templates to cut corrugated cardboard. Then paper mache the whole thing. If I had a mummy model this would be easy, but alas, all the models on the web want a lot of $$$. Maybe I'll start a kickstarter fund. lol

Anyone have a mummy model. I'm not using it for commercial purposes. It can be really low-res/Q since it's just going to be used for tracing cardboard.

It cant be the sarcophagus kind. The teacher wants the hands folded across the chest, or hands forward (the kind of mummy that chases you).

Get this, he wants to keep the mummy too. wtf!?! Does he have tea sessions at home with all his mummy friends or something? For revenge against his demands for a life-sized mummy as opposed to a more economical kid sized one we are going to put "the fart machine" inside with the fart remote. That should get a good laugh. We'll hide it deep inside the bowels so his weekend tea sessions will be rudely interrupted! lol

Thanks! I'll post pictures if this works...