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DAZ Studio beginner help

Posted: October 08, 2012
I do quite a lot of 2D illustration work and I've had the idea that rather than find someone to pose for me or composite sketches from photos & other reference material, I could get to grips with a basic 3D package and use that, so I've downloaded DAZ Studio.

Is anyone on here fluent? I'm trying to find very basic lessons. I only want to use the software for poses, so I don't need to know how to sculpt clothing, just being able to create human forms with slightly varying appearance & give them hair (possibly - not essential.)

Are there libraries out there where you can download pre rendered forms?


Posted: October 23, 2023
Mike, if you're exploring DAZ Studio for 2D illustration, you might find "coursework help online" useful for picking up the basics. Consider searching for tutorials or forums to find the guidance you need. Good luck with your creative journey!