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Robot Universe, 3-4 People Needed

Posted: September 02, 2012
I unfortunately recently decided that the game will be in 3d, and I want the game out by the holidays, so it would require people with much time.
This is non paid, you will be considered an unpaid volunteer.
The name of my game is Robot Universe, it is an online mmorpg where you are in an apocalyptic world where robots have turned against you and you try to fight them to make the world safe again, this will be in english, spanish, dutch and norwegian.
Typically almost everything will be half destroyed (I don't know how much extra work that makes for you, sorry).
Once the game is released your pretty much done, but if you would like to stick with us that would be great, so then we would be able to add more quests/variety of features.
The game's website, server and client are really far along so its just really waiting on this.
If you are interested, send me a pm here and ill give you a link to the about page and see if you like the overall idea (more descriptive then above) and ill give you a few things to do, thanks for reading.
i see not many people reply, but if you are interested, here is the about page and forum:
when the urls change to the official site i will edit here, just register and tell me in the introductions that you came from here and is interested.
Posted: September 02, 2012
Do not pm me, I apparently need 10 useful posts, which I am lacking, just post here, thanks.