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3D character modeler for Small Game Developer in California

Posted: August 23, 2012
18 man development team is seeking 3D modelers, animators, riggers, texture artist, level designers and programmers to join our team and work on a fight game project in unity3d.

Or small LLC company is called No Limit Games LLC, based in Anaheim, Ca.

1. What we need:
A. Need help modeling 4 already designed fighter characters for our demo, which is slated to be complete by the end of this year.
B. Need programmers, and level designers to help put together our playing levels in Unity, program UI scripts, and other menu elements

2. What we've done so far:
A. We have the concept design for our 4 demo characters, and all but three of our full game characters.
B. Game Design Document is 80% complete, missing only Music/Sound bible, Art Bible, and Tech Bible. May have a few small items that we will need to add as well.
C. As of this week we will be securing a business arrangement/relationship with Cicada Music Group, and Max Steiner Agency to provide us Sound Effects, and Music for the demo, and full game
D. We have concept artwork of the 4-5 levels to be used for the demo, the remaining full game level concepts are currently in the works.
E. Base timer script and menu script/setup is complete, and needs minor tweaking in order to make it better, and more exciting.
We are waiting to hear back from TCA and CONNECT on our application to join this years Quick Pitch Competition in San Diego during the month of October
We will also be relaunching our kickstarter campaign once we have additional content to put up. This campaign will aide us in possibly obtaining funding through a number of backers using Kickstarter.

Our first kickstarter campaign, while it was unsuccessful in getting funded, we learned quiet a bit from it, and have/are applying it to our next campaign which we plan on launching by the end of this month, provided that we have all the models that we desire first.

3. What is the timeline:
A, Demo of the game, which will include 4 playable fighters (one of which is a hidden character in the full game), and 4-5 playable levels; is set to be completed December 2012
B. Full game featuring 10 playable characters, 1 hidden/un-lockable character, 1 sub-boss, and 1 main final boss, 13 playable levels, and several exciting game modes, is scheduled to be completed December 2013

4. Why join us:
A. For two years, we have worked very hard on this project, and although we've lost some people along the way, we've continued moving forward, and we placed those that we lost with new more dedicated workers. We now have a pretty solid team, full of people eager to learn which improving their own current skills.
B. We are more then just a design group, we are a family. Each person on the team is treated fairly, and the managers are very cool and easy going people
C. You can be part of the launch of a small companies first game title, and most importantly, when the game is released, we will be paying every member of No Limit Games LLC for their hard work on our project.
D. As soon as this Vengeance project is complete, we will be continuing work on our second project and continue our talks with Konami on grabbing them as a publisher for the project. This means additional work and payment opportunities for everyone.

We thank you for taking the time to view this proposal and look forward to hearing from you soon
You can reach our managers by several ways

Email: request via PM
Facebook:No Limit Games
Twitter: @nolimitgames

Get in touch with us if you have questions, otherwise send us a message and lets go from there.
Posted: August 29, 2012

Please do not PM us to contact us, 3Dmd will not allow us to view our PM's at the moment,
instead email at william (at) nolimitgamez (dot) com